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Why It Is Time For You To Buy A Car Air Purifier?

Jan 08, 2019

car air purifier

Travelling daily through a metro city has an effect on your physical and mental health. The hectic traffic conditions and the polluted city air can cause a slew of health problems for individuals unaware of the harmful effects of air pollution. Therefore, it is advised by health experts that you wear anti-pollution masks when travelling by foot, by bicycle or on bikes. Moreover, this advice also includes people travelling in open transportation like auto rickshaws and cabs. However, if you own a car, it is better to travel with the windows closed.

Travelling in closed transportation will limit the amount of pollutants that you may ingest while outdoors. Cars also have a basic pre-filter in their AC units that removes dust from the air intakes. But given the high-levels of air pollution in India’s largest urban centres like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, this basic air filter is nowhere near adequate. That is why, it is advised that you buy a car air purifier for your vehicle.

What is a car air purifier?

Car air purifiers can be mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard or placed under the seats or in the rear parcel tray.

Buying a car air purifier in India

There are several air purifier brands offering car air purifiers in India. Our recommendation is the aforementioned Livpure Fresh O2 Car Air Purifier. Livpure is an Indian brand and has sales, service and support network all over the country. Thus, making maintenance and repair of your smart products very easy and hassle-free. To buy a Livpure car air purifier, click here.

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