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Why should you ask for the free pre-filter during RO installation?

Nov 29, 2018

livpure touch 2000 plus ro water purifier

A pre-filter or a sediment filter is an essential part of a water or air purifier as it sieves large or suspended particles that can hamper or shorten the life of the filtration system. Sediments particles such as dust, hair, insects, pollen, fibers, etc. and other organic materials can cause the water to become cloudy. Passing the water through a pre-filter first makes the water clear and ready for a deep purifying process through reverse osmosis or ultraviolet water purification. Using a pre-filter also protects the water purifiers from any damage.

If water is not pre-filtered through a sediment filter, the suspended particles can clog up the insides of the water purification system and shorten the life span of the purifier. RO water purifiers and UV water purifiers can be quite expensive due to the purification technology used in these water purifiers. Both UV and RO water purifiers run on electricity and if you install these water purifiers without a pre-filter, the mechanism may get clogged up and this may cause damage to the water purifier or hamper its function.

A pre-filter is a disposable part that is quite affordable and can be replaced very easily. You can change the pre-filter as often as you need to ensure better quality of drinking water. Adding a pre-filter is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your water purifier. When you get an RO water purifier installed, make sure you ask the service personnel to add the pre-filter to it. This will not only make your water purifier function better but also help you get your money’s worth by extending the life span of your purifier.

Livpure water purifiers aim to provide clean and pure drinking water to every Indian. The company keeps innovating and improving their water purification technology through continuous research and development. Livpure has made water purifiers and their maintenance accessible and affordable for the common man. The RO water purifiers can cost anywhere between 10,000 INR to 20,000 INR. You can ask for a free demo on the company’s website and ask the company personnel to add the free pre-filter while installing a RO water purifier.

Book a free demo now from the Livpure website at You can also buy the Livpure water purifiers at best prices on their website.

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