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Why you should buy a RO water purifier with taste enhancer

Nov 14, 2018

Boy holding glass containing purified water from RO

The taste of drinking water is directly related to total dissolved solids (TDS) and organic compounds present in it.

Excessive amounts of inorganic compounds and minerals make the water taste salty whereas chemical mixtures and organic compounds like bacteria and algae make the water sour. When you filter the tap water with a home RO system, it removes almost all organic and in-organic compounds from the water, making it safe for drinking and cooking. However, purified water lacks TDS and thus have a slightly different taste than what we are used to drinking. To make the water taste better, top RO companies have developed a remineraliser cartridge, also known as taste enhancer.

The taste enhancer filter adds minerals and salts to the purified water to make it slightly more alkaline in pH, thus improving its taste.

Now if you are wondering, why remove the minerals from the water in the first place if we are going to add them again after purifying the water, there is a reason behind it too.

Water sourced from underground water bodies, lakes and rivers, contains an array of minerals which may not be beneficial for our health. Prolonged use of that water for drinking may lead to formation of stones and acidic imbalances in your digestive system. The remineraliser or taste enhancer filter, on the other hand, only adds a minimal amount of minerals which are good for human body. Thus, solving too purposes, making the water taste better while also making it healthier to drink.

Where to buy a water purifier with taste enhancer in India

When you are buying a new smart home product, it is always better to put your trust in an established brand because it will have a reliable pre and post buying service. For example, Livpure is one of the top water purifier brands in India and caters to the needs of both urban and rural homeowners across the country. Apart from getting an RO from a company dealership, you can also buy a Livpure water purifier online and rest assured of free-installation and warranty service.

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