Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart Inverter)

Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart Inverter)

M.R.P: ₹69,990.00

Price: ₹39,599.00 Inclusive of all taxes

You Save: ₹30,391.00 (43%)

  • No Cost EMI (up to 9 months) (T&Cs).

  • Hassle Free Delivery within 24-48 hrs* (T&Cs).

  • Wifi Enabled

Livpure’s 1.5T Smart Inverter AC adjusts your AC to suit various customised modes as per your comfort and the surrounding temperature.
  • Highest 5 Star Rating
  • Saves upto 40% energy
  • 10 Years Warranty on inverter compressor

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Product Special Features

40% AC Saving – Product Feature - Livpure

Up to 40% AC Saving

Optimizes room temperature and saves energy

EGAPA filter – Product Feature - Livpure

EGAPA Filter

Provides purified air for better health

Eco Friendly Refrigerant – Product Feature - Livpure

Eco-friendly Refrigerant

Minimizes ozone layer depletion and lowers global warming potential

5 Star Rating – Product Feature - Livpure

5 Star Rating

Cools the room efficiently with less electricity usage

Split AC Banner Image – Livpure
Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart AC) – Livpure – Product

5 Star Rating

The Livpure’s 1.5T Smart Inverter AC is a 5 STAR rated air conditioner as it reduces energy consumption.

  • Environment Friendly

  • Cools More Effectively and Consistently

  • Generates Less Noise

LivpureSmart Technology

Our smart system is designed in a way that it learns from you and adapt to your living. The AC understands the ambient temperature around you, using your GPS location and thoroughly derived comfort chart then automatically selects the right temperature for you

Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart AC) – Livpure – Hexa Technology
Hexa Technology Custom Modes – Livpure

Intelligent Modes for Customised Comfort

Get three different intelligent modes in the air conditioner that is designed for a customised comfort. Livpure technology gives three smart modes for your split AC- HEKA mode for optimised energy consumption and comfort, Magic Mode for optimum comfort and Green Mode for maximum energy efficiency. This split AC 1.5 ton, 5 star from Livpure is the smartest and most efficient product you can buy for cooling your rooms in the summers.

Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart AC) – Livpure – Product Features
Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart AC) – Livpure – EGAPA Filter

Livfresh Technology

The EGAPA Filter purifies

The AC comes with EGAPA Filter that gives you pure air faster than any other AC and is made of specially made of activated carbon

  • Toxic air that contains harmful gases, VOC, Sox, Nox and Ammonia

  • Dirty air containing dust and particulate matter

  • Sick air full of bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi.

Turns ON automatically when you are near it

Livpure Smart AC comes with Intelligent GEO FENCING Technology, that helps the AC to turn itself ON/OFF based your phone’s location within a preset distance from the AC.

Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart AC) – Livpure – Smart AC

The AC that diagnoses itself

ivpure ACs come with the latest technology and makes it an efficient buy for long term savings. The Livpure 1.5 ton inverter AC comes with the “I-Diagnosis” feature. It enables automatic detection of any AC problems and notifies through an app so that you can avoid any heavy AC malfunctions. With this feature, you can save a lot of money by avoiding expensive maintenance for you Smart Inverter AC.

Voice Controlled Device

Control your AC effortlessly at the command of your voice. Use Amazon Alexa and Google Home to switch on/off the air conditioner and control other functions other functions such as the temperature, and mode of operation.

Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart AC) – Livpure – Voice Controlled AC
HEXA mobile remote banner image- Livpure
Product Demo Call – Livpure

Now get a product demo via Live Video call!

  • Enjoy showroom-like experience from comfort of your house
  • One way video for your complete privacy
  • Book a time that works with your schedule
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Added Advantages

Hidden Display – Livpure AC Feature

Hidden Display

Makes the AC look classy

Silent Mode– Livpure AC Feature

Silent Mode

AC makes no noise throughout the night

Sleep Mode– Livpure AC Feature

Sleep Mode

AC aids in saving energy

Night Glow Buttons on Remote – Livpure AC Feature

Night Glow Buttons on Remote

Help you change your AC temperature in the dark

Auto Restart – Livpure AC Feature


AC ensures it starts after a power outage

Timers and Scheduling – Livpure AC Feature

Timers and Scheduling

Helps switch on/off the AC as per your need

Bolt+ (RO+UF) Water Purifier – Livpure – Banner Image Bolt+ (RO+UF) Water Purifier – Livpure – Banner Image

Livpure Advantage

1000+ Certified Engineers - Livpure

1000+ Certified Engineers

19000+ Service Locations - Livpure

19000+ Service Locations

ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant - Livpure

ISO Certified Manufacturing Plant

  • Tonnage TR: 1.5
  • Star Rating: 5
  • Rated Cooling Capacity (100%) W: 5250
  • Rated Cooling Capacity (50%) W: 2625
  • Rated Cooling Power (100%) W: 1385
  • Rated Cooling Power (50%) W: 550
  • Rated Current - Cooling A: 6.2
  • Rated ISEER Kwh: 4.6
  • Voltage V: 230V, 50Hz, 1 Phase
  • Standard Cooling (Min-Max) V: 160-280V
  • Indoor Air Flow CMH: 1080
  • Indoor Noise (Hi/Low Speed) dBA: 46/40
  • Refrigerant Type R32: R32
  • Ambient Operating Range °C: 50
  • Operation: LCD Remote
  • Compressor Type: Dual Inverter
  • Condenser Coil: Copper


  • Indoor Unit Dimensions (W * D * H) mm: 1000 x 230 x 295
  • Outdoor Unit Dimensions (W * D * H) mm: 781 x 241 x 557
  • Indoor Unit Weight: 11kg
  • Outdoor Unit Weight: 31kg
  • FAQ's
    • Que: How do I determine the AC tonnage based on my room size?
      Ans: First, find out the area of the room you want the AC to be installed in.Then divide it by 600 to get the basic capacity. Now, you need to add 0.5 ton to the basic capacity for every five people in the room. For example, a 100 sq. ft. room needs 0.8 ton, a 250 sq. ft. room needs a 1.5 ton AC and so on.
    • Que: How often should you clean the filter?
      Ans: Clean or replace the AC filter or filters every month or two during the summer season.
      Que: What is the cost of maintaining the AC?
      Ans: Livpure ACs are smart and low maintenance. They tell you when they need maintenance. Usually in India, AC maintenance can cost between Rs. 1000-3000 depending on tonnage.
      Que: What is an Inverter AC?
      Ans: An inverter AC controls the compressor and adjusts the refrigerant flow rate to optimise power consumption.
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    Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart Inverter)
    Split AC 1.5T 5 Star (Smart Inverter)
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