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India’s first smart RO water purifier with

"Dial Your Taste"

Choose your taste of water with the turn of a dial.

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Innovations for the Next Generation

Livpure has always been a pioneer in introducing the latest technology with its product range to Indian Market. i-Taste is India’s 1st IoT Enabled Smart Water Purifier – RO which empowers users to control the taste of purified water.

Dial Your Taste

i-taste is India’s Smart RO water purifier which empowers users to adjust the taste of water as per their needs by the turn of a dial.

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India's 1st smart RO Water Purifier which Dispenses Hot, Warm and Ambient Water

This smart RO water purifier comes with two additional settings of dispensing warm and hot water, besides Ambient water.

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Equipped with Antioxidant Cartridge

i-taste has an advance antioxidant Cartridge that removes free radicals which are caused by stress and pollution. Additionally they add the required minerals in water and maintain the right PH of water thereby making it more alkaline.

IoT/App Enabled

An IOT enabled Smart RO Water Purifier that can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world, alerts customer service at the click of a button, notifies user on the Filter Health Card on a Smartphone Screen.

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i-Taste Benefits

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Intelligent Monitoring System

Keeps track of last dispensed water and indicates to flush out the water if stored for longer period.

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TDS Protection

Product senses the output water TDS and stops the purification process when TDS goes beyond the drinking water limits.

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Power Saver Mode

Product goes to Power Saver Mode if no operation is performed for last 5 minutes.System resumes by pressing any Touch key.

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